What is 3dtangent

3dtangent is a collection of artwork and tech projects from northwest artist Jason Zeringue.

Oil Paintings

Oil paintings over the last 5 years


Quicker sketches using pencil, vine charcoal, and ink.

My favorite paper to use when drawing is the tone tanned spirals and mixed media blocks. Starting from a neutral ground makes it infinately easier when bringing out highlights and pushing back shadows.

Watercolor Painting

Watercolor on blocks

The best water colors are the ones on scene in plein air. It is challenging to try and capture light that is rapidly changeing. I find this the most challenging of all mediums. Because of the unpredicable nature of watercolors due to backruns and water flow, this is my favorite medium to work in. I try and use Transparent colors (Danial Smith are great) when creating live single session paintings.

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