What is 3dtangent

3dtangent is a web development and creative service in the Seattle Washington area. Run by developer, artist Jason Zeringue with a mandate of personalized, affordable business and creative solutions for small and medium sized organizations.

Technology Intructor

JavaScript, HTML5, CSS, PHP, Web Graphics

In the past 10 years, I have been instructing for University Of Washington and Sanford-Brown College for web development classes with a focus on responisive web applications using JavaScript and JavaScript based libraries.

Responsive / CMS Site

Developement and Maintenance of MODX responive sites

Site developement of Content Management System, MODX. Users dont have to wait for me to update content like a blog, or image galleries that are constantly updating.

Content Creation

Commisioned Artwork, Graphics, Music Production

Creation of content such as Murals, Graphical content, or original jingles / sound tracks are available

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